closing the gap in concussive injury care




Meet our team



We have the following providers on staff:

  • Board Certified Neurologist

  • Certified Vestibular Physical Therapist

  • Licensed Cognitive Therapist

  • Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Neuro-Optometrist with Board Certification in Vision Development and Vision Therapy


Chief Medical Officer/Neurologist - Dr. Allison Gray

Dr. Gray is originally from the Boston area and trained in medicine and Neurology in the Northeast, completing her residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She went on to complete fellowship training in Sports Neurology and Concussion in the Boston area, working with athletes at all levels of play, including professional boxers, MMA fighters, and football players, and NCAA collegiate athletes, as well as high school athletes. She moved to Colorado with her family in 2015. Dr. Gray became a physician to help improve the lives of her patients and their families. She feels very grateful every day to have the privilege to participate in the care of her patients and their families dealing with neurological problems.


Cognitive Therapist - Ramya Shyam

Ramya Shyam has a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Ramya has specialized in assessment and treatment of cognitive-communication disorders associated with mild traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and illnesses since 2010. Prior to moving to Colorado she interned at one of the top hospitals in Boston, where she performed cognitive and swallowing evaluations on patients who suffered strokes and traumatic brain injuries.  Before attending graduate school, Ramya worked as a special education teacher in a therapeutic private school, creating and implementing a curriculum to promote academic achievement, social skills/pragmatics, executive functioning, study skills, coping/regulation skills, and daily living skills for students aged 6-18. Her work history has allowed her to effectively treat students who have sustained concussions as well.


Physical Therapist - Tonya Fuller

Tonya Fuller graduated with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman's University in 2001. Tonya worked in a variety of settings after graduation including skilled nursing, home health, private practice and within larger hospital systems. Her work focused on neurological outpatient care treating patients with diagnoses such as Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury, and Traumatic Brain Injury. In 2006, Tonya began specializing in brain injury, dizziness, and balance disorders. She currently holds competencies in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Cervicogenic Dizziness and also has extensive training in treating visual issues related to head injury. In addition to being a clinician, Tonya teaches continuing education to other professionals in the areas of vestibular rehabilitation, concussion, visual dysfunction, and MS. 


Physical Therapist - Kate Smulligan

Kate Smulligan earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She started her career at Craig Hospital with an emphasis on treating patients with neurological injuries. Through her clinical experience working with patients with spinal cord and brain injuries, Kate began specializing in the treatment of vestibular disorders, including dizziness and balance impairments. She has also taught courses on the treatment of vestibular dysfunction at conferences throughout Colorado. In addition to teaching courses to other practitioners, Kate has taken a number of continuing education courses with an emphasis on evaluating and treating the vestibular and visual systems in patients with brain injuries and concussions.


Athletic Trainer - Sara Altman

Sara Altman holds a BS dual degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Science from Methodist University in North Carolina. Since moving to Colorado Sara has worked with college, high school and adult athletic programs. Her work on the sidelines led to her immersion in concussions in athletics. Sara recognized the difficulty her athletes faced in getting proper concussion care following injuries on the field. This led her to her passion for helping to fill the gap in quality concussive injury care for athletes.