closing the gap in concussive injury care



Closing the Gap in Concussive Injury Care

Colorado Concussion Clinic is a multi-disciplinary practice focused on reducing the long term health impact of concussion through innovative concussion care. We deliver comprehensive care for acutely concussed patients. Our services range from concussion diagnosis to concussion symptom management (sleep difficulties, headaches), as well as treatment for more persisting issues including: dizziness, loss of balance, and changes in cognition. We provide gold standard, evidence-based care for the acutely concussed patient.  


Patient Information

When to come and see us

Did you hit your head? Or experience whiplash? Do you feel out of it? Or dizzy? Do sounds and noises bother you?  If so, you should be evaluated to see if you sustained a concussive injury.

what to expect on your first visit

During your first visit you will meet with our physician as well as other members of the team depending on your reported symptoms.  You can expect this to take one to two hours.


You do NOT have to hit your head to sustain a concussion.  You do NOT have to lose consciousness to sustain a concussion.


phone: (303) 932-2030
fax: (833) 380-1476


1700 East 17th Avenue, Suite 102
Denver, CO 80218


Unlike a broken ankle, or other injuries you can feel with your hands, or see on an X-ray, a concussion is a disruption of how the brain works.
— USA Football & CDC