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Cognitive Therapy

What is Cognitive Rehabilitation?

Cognitive rehabilitation is a specialized type of therapy designed to help people who have cognitive impairments.  These impairments might be due to a concussion or traumatic brain injury, stroke, illness, or learning disability.  Oftentimes after a concussion, people feel overwhelmed by their job responsibilities, school, or household chores.  They may feel as though tasks that were previously simple are much more challenging because they are having difficulty remembering, focusing, communicating, solving problems, setting and meeting goals, and organizing.  Cognitive rehabilitation is one of the most important therapies following concussion, as patients are offered both compensatory strategies and restorative exercises to improve these areas, and consequently, their ability to perform activities of daily living.  The cognitive therapists at CCC are highly qualified speech-language pathologists who have expertise in assessment and treatment.  During the first session, they will have an in-depth conversation with the client about his or her struggles and strengths, and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to their needs.  The goal is for the patient to feel supported and empowered!